Luc van Dijk is partner at Rechtstaete , real estate lawyers and tax advisers . As a business partner of Live Free Rechtstaete handles all legal and tax issues for the Live Free organization. Luc is the contact point for these matters. Important legal and tax topics for the Live Free concept and its implementation, such as the development and construction contracts based on the Live Free concept and in attracting capital and funding for such projects. Luc studied tax law at Leiden University and Nyenrode Business Administration ( BBA ) . Luc advises Dutch and foreign clients on tax aspects relating to real-estate , such as the establishment of real estate funds ( for private or institutional investors , with respect to housing, shops , offices , industrial or derivative (real estate ) products ) , purchase and sale transactions , reorganizations , tax and investment property for example CVs. In 1993 Luc started with BurumaMarisScheerVanSolkema in Rotterdam and then worked at Arthur Andersen (later called: Andersen ) and after the merger with Deloitte , from 2004 as a partner . Luc has since led the Amsterdam real estate tax practice. Luc has been involved in setting up and maintaining a large number of real estate funds . This varies from housing cooperation’s for private investors to offices and retail funds for institutional investors to international real estate funds for international investors , as well as more derivative instruments such as infrastructure , housing concepts and inflation products . In addition, Luc has extensive experience related to the hotel industry, purchase and sale transactions, restructurings (both property and finance) , housing associations and fiscal investment applications.