Tom Krouwels (1961) has been thirty years in real estate. The first ten years as a project manager and responsible for large multifunctional (construction) projects. Then ten years as developer of both commercial and residential projects and the last ten years in various management positions with the largest Dutch builder (BAM). Tom studied HTS Engineering (Haarlem), HTS business (The Hague) and first year economics (EUR Rotterdam). He has made several management courses, including The New Manager (De Baak) and The Advanced Management Program (post MBA from INSEAD). Tom values humans interactions and human skillsets where people make things happen by utilizing and optimizing each other’s skillsets in teamwork . He is interested in new developments and sees opportunities that are not so obvious in the first place . He is committed on holding course on a good strategic direction. It is Important is to separate main issues from side effects and to monitor the “big picture.”