Surplus of energy

LiveFree wants to meet her goals by developping houses that generate a surplus of energy. This energy can be used for the resisents energy need, but also can be “sold” to other users in the micro grid or for (optional) electric mobility.

Locally generated and shared energy

Fast “return on investment” by using the generated energy in electric mobility and if necessary supply back to the grid when the price of electricity is high.

Yield by sustainablity and moveability

We respond to the temporary need of residents in the regular and leisure market y combining moveability and sustainability with luxury and comfort. Investors get the possibility to exploit the house on that location where it is needed and a good yield can be made.

Hybrid applications

Exploit the house at first in the regular residential market and give the house a second live in the leisure market. This is possible due to the quality and the moveability of the LiveFree house.