Energy unit (Micro Power Plant: MPP)

We apply an energy unit for several houses. Depending on the wish to be more or less self-sufficiënt the Micro Power Plant contains:

  • Heatpump (air/water or water/water)
  • Inverters and charger of the solar panels
  • Battery system
  • Collapsible wind turbine
  • Electrolyzer, compressor, fuel cell
  • Storage tanks for hydrogen
  • DWTP (domestic wastewater treatment plant)
  • Central domotica for energy management


The houses are connected to the MPP and eac other with the microgrid. The domotica systems ensures that the genaerated energy is used optimally. The microgrid contaisn the pipes for electricity, warm water and sewerage.

More or less self-sufficient

Depending on the availability of utilities and the customers’ wishes the houses can be made more or less self-sufficiënt. The connection for the house is always the same. Replacement and maintenance can be done without entering the houses.

One unit for several houses gives economies of scale and levelling of electrical peak load. The residents can provide others in the micro grid with self generated energy.

One unit for several homes

  • Economies of scale
  • Levelling electrical peak load
  • Installing replacement equipment without adjustments dwelling