Leisure houses

The LiveFree house gives the Leisure sector lots of benefits. The houses have a luxury and spatial appearance, strengthens by the open vide. The good insulation and the passive cooling provides the house with a very comfortable indoor climate: cool in summertimes and warm in wintertimes.

The modular design makes it possible to realize several different sizes. From a cottage of 30 m2 to a luxuous villa of 120 m2.

The houses are energy generating due to the installation design, the energy unit for 4 or 5 houses, the in the roof (and if necessary in the facade) integrated solar panels and the water and energy saving showers.

The LiveFree house is very light and can therefore be placed on land without special foundation provisions.

The house is built in a factory and can be moved to the location on a lorry.

Floating houses can be easily made by placing the house on a floating body. The water experience gives an enormous value as specially in the leisure market.

A huge saving on infrastructure investments can be mede by making the houses self sufficiënt.