The Energy Management System

LiveFree has developed an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) consisting of senosors and software, which takes care of controlling the configuration of a heat pump, a battery system, a buffer tank and the possible other systems included in the Micro Power Plant, such as the wind turbine and hydrogen storage. The earning model is already ecologically interesting but will also become economically interesting for the private homeowner after the abolition of the net-metering scheme. The capacity of the components in this system depends on the size and insulation level of the house, in addition to the household energy consumption, of course. The crux of our technology is "shaving". The buffer tank stores heat for 2 to 4 days, the battery for 24 hours of use, and the air source heat pump runs at maximum during the favorable hours of the day. The EMS is contained in a process computer which, guided by the weather forecast, measures, monitors and thus controls the optimal use of the available energy, minimal impact, optimal efficiency of the heat pump and maximum comfort in the house.

We supply the sensors, software and hardware for a operational energy management system for both new houses and for existing houses in renovation projects for sustainable improvement and/or gas-free construction.

So based on measuring is knowing and with the help of intelligent control of the buffers and an energy management system developed in-house, we can deliver energy concepts that are particularly profitable both energetically and economically, with payback periods of about 10 years already calculated.