Supplier of a full operational system

In the role as supplier we are responsible for the development of the energy concept, the engineering and dimensioning of the energy system including the grid, and then the delivery of a operational system. Also in this role, based on jointly established starting points regarding energy demand/consumption and possible energy generators, an energy concept is developed, in which the various components to be selected (PV, wind turbine, energy storage systems, control) are optimally attuned to each other, so that integrally the most efficient solution is developed. Our system is built in a modular and scalable way and is therefore very flexible in a technical sense, but also adaptable to the budgetary possibilities (including subsidy possibilities). We dimension the various systems and select (together with the client) the suppliers for the various components. We bring the various parties together and ensure a coordinated production and realization of the energy system. LiveFree is responsible for the operation of the total system.