Temporary houses with their own energy supply

There is a great need for housing, however the lead time of the usual permitprocedures is long, so the speed to realize more housing is lacking. Temporary housing can provide the solution for a certain period. Permits for temporary housing can be granted more quickly because the period is relatively limited (up to a maximum of 15 years). We offer a solution for this. By building a neighborhood with temporary houses that are connected to our Micro Power Plant (MPP), fewer utilities need to be adjusted. The houses provide themselves with energy. The homes are relocatable, but have the appearance of a permanent home. These houses are produced and installed by a reputable construction company.

It works several ways:

  • After the period of use, the houses are moved to another location, where there is a need at that time.
  • Locations can be used again after the period of temporary occupation for the final destination.
  • The application of the MPP does not require major interventions in the utilities.
  • The application of factory-produced houses and the short permit procedure allow the houses to be available quickly.