After 2 bachelor courses (Chemical Technology and Economic Business Technology) Jacques Mikx has been internationally active for 10 years at DSM in chemistry (fertilizer and synthetic rubber). Then 31 years in regional development in the Province of Limburg at the “Industriebank LIOF”. Among other things, he was active in the recruitment of foreign companies, building industrial buildings, stimulating innovation in the SME sector and guiding participation requests. The last 20 years as a member of the management team but also more than 10 years active as a supervisory director of eg GaiaZOO in Kerkrade. In this period he has built up a large business network as chairman of Invest in Holland. This has led to a multifaceted level of knowledge, but energy (Solar cells Solland) had his special attention. Jacques attaches great value to the combination of technology and the associated revenue models. In addition to work and family, he takes time for cooking but also for informal care. Jacques sees the big picture but does not forget the details.