Derk is a visionary par excellence, with a focus on using technology for a more sustainable lifestyle. Where the standard idea is that the economy can only thrive through growth, the new vision is that quality is equally important. Less food with better quality results in better health, less fossil energy and more renewable energy creates new business models which ultimately delivers more profit. However this new business model requires long term investments. Awareness and change of mentality should make this new economy possible. This way both investors and consumers will win. Derk started in the automotive industry. He developed advanced database systems and built successful businesses around new ideas such as “Dialogue Marketing”. In the past he was a consultant in the IT industry and VP Marketing of Ingres. Derk also developed products for preventive healthcare . It is a small step to see this new green economy as a healthier lifestyle for the consumer who is less dependent on an external energy. Together with using shared facilities the consumer creates lower cost structures and less financial stress for himself. Do more with less (Live Free !)